Samstag, 7. Januar 2012

Die besten Sprüche aus Gossip Girl!

Chuck & Blair :

If two people are meant to be together, eventually they find their way back

Your world would be easier if I didn´t come back
 - that´s true, but it wouldn´t be my world without you in it!

It´s a difference between a great love and a right love. It is your chance of happiness. You deserve your fairytale!

You know I love you, but I can´t fight anymore for you 

We could never be boring - You say that, but I know you..You are Chuck Bass - I´m not Chuck Bass without you!

Mein Lieblingsspruch:

What we have is a great love 
- it´s comlicated, intense, all-consuming , it´ll always pull us in 
- there´s a difference between a great love and a right love 
- this is your chance at happiness ,you deserve your fairytale
 - we make our own fairytale. I didn´t want to let you go just yet 
-it´s taking all the power that i have to walk away from you 
- but i need to let you go
 - you need to let go

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